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How to Choose the Right House Plan?

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Choosing the right house plan / home plan is quite confusing for most of the people.Here we will give you some important info to simplify this process.

Here is a quick guide to identify the right house plan for you.

Identify your needs and priorities [category: House Plans / Home plans]

Who are all going to live in your newly built house? How the members of your family going to use your house?
Who are will join with your family in the future. (Future residents)

Do you have some one in house with special needs?

Consider the hobbies and prioorities of the entire family.

Identify the must haves and nice to haves?

Consider your life style. Are you a party lover, do you invite guest for overnight stays.If so your hose plan should be well suited to your life style.

Consider your indoor and outdoor living priorities.

Do you work at home? If so add the required stuffs in your house design.

Identify your Limitations [category: House Plans / Home plans]
First of all calculate and fix the budget? How much you can afford. Building a too big house end up in cutting down drastically on finishes.
Calculate the construction cost as accurately as possible; consider the special situations that may happen during constructions. Always keep a little extra in the budget for all these special situations and expenses.

Get information about the soil type, water availability etc etc advice from other people who live in the area where you're planning to build your house.

Always check the local regulations and restrictions ,(Eg: easements, height limits, style prescriptions etc), orientation and placement (where do light/wind come from at different times of day etc).

Future Considerations//[category: House Plans / Home plans]
Consider the size of the family in the future too. Is it going to grow in the future? Are you going to have more children in future etc you have to consider.

What needs for expanding your home do you anticipate, or how will you repurpose space in your house with changing future occupancy?

How long you are planning to live in this house? Long term / short term? Are you planning to resell your home? (If so consider the location, facilities around etc.)

Following are little other stuff you should consider before you finalize a house plan

Foundation Type
Exterior Finishes
Climatic conditions
Floor Plans