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Malappuram literally means a terraced place atop hill. Lush coconut plantations-hallmark of the district-are bordered by Arabian Sea on the west and NiIgiri Hills on the east. The district has the highest birthrate in Kerala ( 28.74 per cent). Money orders from the Gulf countries are the backbone of the district's economy. Malappuram villages have most of the ancient Hindu, Muslim families in the state. Several places in the district are akin to legendary figures in Malayalam literature.

Malappuram is situated 50 km southeast of Kozhikode. Bounded by the Nilgiri hills on the east, the Arabian sea on the west and Thrissur and Malappuram  districts on the south, Malappuram is enriched by three great rivers flowing thourgh it - he Chaliyar, the Kadalundi and the Bharathapuzha. The temples and mosques of this distrit are well known for their spectacular festivals. Along attractions, a range of cultural and ritual art forms ad to its value as a destination worth visiting.

Kottakkunnu is a very beautiful Tourist location in Malappuram district, Kerala. At Kottakkunnu one can see traces of the first fort to be built by the Zamorins of Kozhikode. This scenic table-top location is located at the crest of the Cantonment Hill near the district collectorate. The Vettakkorumakan Temple and the Siva Temple with the famous murals of Malabar are nearby.

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Malappuram Cultural Heritage
Malappuram district has a good tradition in the field of art and culture. Many of the renowned writers and poets hail from this part if the land. It is a long chain, starting with Thunjath Ezhuthachan, honored as the father of modern Malayalam literature. He was born in Trikkandiyur near Tirur, 400 years ago. He wrote his poems in Malayalam, when the Kerala literary field was crushed under Sanskrit, the language of the upper class. Ramayanam, and Maha Bharatham are widely read in Malayali houses, as sacred books.


Melpathur Narayana Bhattatiri, a Sanskrit Scholar, the author of Naryaaneeyam lived in Ezhuthachanís period. His birth place is Chandanakkavu, near Tirunavaya. He was a great Sanskrit grammarian.

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Poonthanam Namboodiri was a great poet of the 16th Century. He wrote devotional poems aiming at social reforms. He exhorted the people to have moral and secular values in a period when Chaturvarnya was in its top status. His birthplace is Keezattur, near Perinthalmanna.

Achutha Pisharodi
Trikadndiyur Achutha Pisharodi, an authority in Astronomy, Sanskrit Grammar and Ayurveda, lived in the period of Thunjath Ezhuthachan. He was the Guru of Melpathur Bhattathiri.


Vallathol Narayanan Menon, the great modern Malayalam Poet, who was instrumental in reviving Kathakali, hailed from Chennara, near Tirur. Vallathol later settled in Cheruthuruthi in Thrissur district.

Kuttikrishna Marar
A great literary critic, writer and grammarian in Malayalam, Kuttikrishna Marar was a native of Ponnani.

Moyin Kutty Vaidyar
The finest exponent of Mappila Pattu, Moyin Kutty Vaidyar (1891) was born in Ottupara, near Kondotty. His Badr-ul-Muneer-Husnul-Jamal, the earliest romantic Piece in Mappilappattu, is praised for its craft.

V.C.Balakrishna Panicker
Poet and writer, V.C. Balakrishna Panicker (1889-1912) was born at Oorakam in Vengara. His poem Oru Vilapam is famous.

Edasseri Govindan Nair, poet and Social reformer, was a native of Mallur near Kuttippuram, who settled in Ponnani. He was prominent among progressive writers of Kerala.

P.C. Kuttikrishnan, known as Uroob, was from Kadavanadu in Ponnani. His novels and short stories played a great role in the development of Malayalam literature.

Cherukat Govinda Pisharodi, known as Cherukad was a great playwrite and novelist, associated with the Communist movement. His birth place is at Chelakkara, near Perinthalmanna.

P.V.Krishna Warrier
Kavikulaguru P.V. Krishna Warrier, was born in Kottakkal

Famous for the interpretation of Amarakosam named Parameswari Vachaspathi Parameswaran Moosad, was a native of Ponmala near Malappuram.

Famous Kathakali actor and Guru, Vazhemkada Kunju Nair, was from Malappuram District.

Pulikkottil Hyder

Writing mappila songs in simple style and in colloquial Malayalam of Ernad, Pulikkottil Hyder attacked social evils. He was born in Wandoor.

The translator of Gandhijiís autobiography into Malayalam, Madhavanar (K.Madhavan Nair) was born in Pallikkunnu

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The Panchayats in Malappuram District are:
Aalipparamp, Aanakkayam, Angaadippuram, A.R. Nagar, Chaaliyaar, Chunkathara, Edappal, Eezhuvathuruthi, Thavanoor, Vattamkulam, Pookkottoor, Ponmala, Oorakam, Areekode, Alamkode, Marancherry, Nannamukku, Perumpadapp, Veliyankode, Purathoor, Thalakkad, Thirunnavaya, Thruprangode, Cheriyamundam, Kalpakancherry, Ozhoor, Ponmundam, Kuruva, Mankada, Makkarapparamp, Moorkkanaad, Pulaamanthol, Puzhakkaattiri, Kottackal, Morayoor, Nediyiruppu, Edavanna, Kaavannoor, Pulppatta, Thrukkalangode, Kaalikaav, Nannambra, Parappanangaadi, Thiroorangaadi, Edarikkode, Othukkungal, Parappoor, Thenjippalam, Thennala, Aathavanad, Edayoor, Irumbilium, Kuttippuram, Maaraakkara, Thanoor, Thanaloor, Valavannoor, Munniyoor, Koottilangaadi, Edappatta, Elamkulam, Keezhaattoor, Melattoor, Thaazhekkaad, Kodoor, Karuvaarakkundu, Mampaad, Paandikkaad, Poroor, Thuvvoor, Thiruvaali, Amarapalam, Edakkara, Kurulaayi, Moothedam, Nilampur, Kozhikode , Vallikkunnu, Valaancherry, Vandoor, Vazhikkadav, Vettathoor, Vengara, Vettom