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Kasargod is one of the districts in the northern tip of Kerala. Kasargod is surrounded by Kasargod district in the south, Mangalore in the north, Western Ghats in the west and Arabain Sea in the east. Like other districts of Kerala, Kasargod district too has a high literacy rate, around 85.17%. The district has a mixed culture,having been highly influenced by the neighbouring states.The Malayalam spoken here has dialectical influences from Tulu, Kannada, Urdu, Konkani etc.

In ancient times, it was an important trade center and was known to Arabs by the name Harkwillia, a port city in the west coast of India. Earlier Kasargod was a part of South Kanara district of the Madras Presidency under the British, and after the states re-organisation in 1956, it became a part Malabar district and was later added to the Kannur district. On 24th May, 1984 Kasargod was formed as an independent district comprising the erstwhile Kasargod and Hosdurg Taluks. The place derived it name from the two Sanskrit words kaasaara (which means lake or pond) and kroda (which means a place where treasure is kept).

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Kasargod is known as the land of Gods, beaches, rivers, hills and forts. Boarders of Kasargod are west Arabian sea, north east Karnataka and south kannur.Kasargod is a land of temples, mosques and churches. The main three religions of Kasargod are Hindu, Muslims and Christians.Kasargod is rich in folk-culture, visual arts and festivals. some of them are Theyyam, Kolkali,Daff mutt, Mappila patt,Poorakkali, Yakshaganam, Kallampattu,Porattu, Oppana, Mappillapattu etc. Most of the peoples of Kasargod are farmers. The important crop raised are Areca nut, Coconuts ,Rubber, Paddy,Cashew, Pepper,Vegitables, Tapioca, Banana etc. Mlayalam, Kannada, Tulu, English, Hindi,Konkani are the major languages of the district. There are 12 rivers in the districts,they are Chandragri ,Manjeshwara, Mogral, Shrirya, Kvvayi, Kumbala, Kalanad, Bekal, Kariyankod, Uppla, Chithari,Nileshwar.

NH 17 passes through this district and covers major towns. From north it leads to Managalore and south it leads to Kannur districts. Nearest Airports are Mangalore 70km and Calicut 200km.Right time to visit for the tourist is in between September and January. The temperature falls in between 23oc and 32oc.

Kasargod Panchayaths:Ajaanoor, Balaal, Beloor(Kodom), Badiyadukka, Belloor, Banthadukka, Chemmanaad, Cheruvathoor, Cheemeni(Kayyoor), Padanna, Peelikode, Thrukkaripur, Madikkai, Pallikara, Panathady, Periya(Pulloor), Chenkala, Delampaady, Kaaradukka, Puthoor, Eleri west, Eleri (East), Karinthalam (Kinanoor), Neeleswaram, Mooliyaar, Enmakaje, Mancheswaram, Meencha, Paivalige, Kumpadaaje, Kumpala, Madhur, Mangalapaady, Puthige, Uduma, Vorkkadi, Valiyaparamp